Take some of that opium
Swimming through my problems
Crashing in the desert like I can’t afford to drive my plane
Forgot how to make friends
I prefer to create them
They want me to write a song but I can’t feel my head now

You better start to run and run and run away from me
You’re no longer a part of my existence I don’t need
Your compliment your confidence is no longer in here
I’d rather be anonymous my passion felt asleep
Stick to my nonsense
Kids with big problems
I better start to find a way to get up to my conscience
I’m ignorant
Don’t ignore me
I’ll probably end up dying trying to find a balance

You better start to run and run and run away from me

I’m high and I can’t fly without your fucking company

collections of my happiness’s hiding in you dreams

the violence of my tragedys’re trying to make me leave

they’re dying to make me see this life is slowly disappearing

But I hold on to my passion I can feel it in my vision

I will build a paper plane
write our name on the wings
Fly away from my sins
you’re the queen i’m the king

take a pause huh, sit back
til the moment I realise
this is not enough for me I get back
to the darkest of my mind I need that
but I think I can be a ghost now
drinking alone in this ghosttown
my words are floating in your ocean
you can come and try to find all my emotions

I can barely see you
I’m on a plane I got my plan I want to land in my fear
I suppose I’m ready to beat you
Break all your bones with my evil side
make you cry to love you more
should do it twice to suffer more
like it’s a goddamn sophomore
Play with your feeling like a drum
Hit them so hard to put them down
our life is nothing but a drama
I mean I woke up from a trauma to another
my adventure isn’t over
this is only the beginning of my own world

It must have been a long day of work
I can’t support my eyes anymore
I’m tired, I’m pissed,
I hate those people once again
I guess it’s normal
My eyes are killing me
I close them for a sec and let my head fall
Between my nightmares and my bus home
Another day another fucking way to get stone
They try to say it
I’mma say it I’m a dead soul
My mind is empty like I’m very trying to be so cold
Don’t need nobody like I’m a lost ghost
Haunted by the tragedy of my lifeline
I’m building castles in the fog
I’m getting too far from my home
I barely have enough to scream out for some help

I’m ready for this war just like I said I thought I was
You know you’ve killed me like a lot and now I’m alive but I’m fucked
We’ve been tryin to solve my soul but it’s a goal we couldn’t hold on
I woke up in a dream where I felt asleep in the cold water.
But you don’t bother
You left me all alone with a passion and a paper
And an addiction to my failure
I’m a sick man with a disease
With a sick mind and a sick me
But I’mma get sane, but I’mma get dreams, but I’mma get up til I get free